Mural by Fulvio Pinna

Photo of Jean-Talon, a food market in Montreal.

Olivia currently works at Shopify and resides in New York City.

Before moving to the Big Apple, she lived in Boston for two years while working as a Product Designer at Hopper.

Back in Toronto where she grew up, Olivia guided design on several key features for the event hosting and event marketplace website, Universe.

Prior to that, she led design for Soapbox (now known as Hypercontext), an employee engagement platform, crafting every visual aspect of their brand from scratch.

Olivia likes to go out into the world and capture its beauty and weirdness. Sometimes she freelances her skills to create escape room posters or illustrating prosciutto pasta with markers, and other times she lead morning yoga in the park. 

Olivia also likes collaborating and chatting over a good cup of coffee, so get in touch or recommend a coffee shop.

Resume available upon request.


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Photo of Olivia paddle boarding in Toronto.